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About Mighty Oak Ministries
They will be called (mighty) oaks of righteousness, a
planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. ~ Isaiah 61:3


People are broken. Some would say, more broken than at any time in recent history. How can the Body of Christ effectively minister to those who don’t fit in—the wounded, the outcasts, the unlovely—while avoiding burnout among the healthy?

Churches and ministries develop programs to meet the needs of specific needy groups: recovering addicts, single moms, seniors, abused women.... These are valuable, but many people are so shattered that they don’t even fit into these programs. For the church to truly function as the church, the Body of Christ, we need a paradigm shift. We need to see each individual as Jesus sees him or her—a treasure created in the image of God and wholly redeemable in spirit, soul, and body.

    The mission of Mighty Oak Ministries is to provide tools, resources, and strategies to equip the Body of Christ to
    • encourage and nurture the wounded and broken in their churches and ministries, and
    • help them to grow deeply, heal progressively, and mature splendidly.

We believe that the transformational ministry of the Word of God, applied and engrafted to real life community, will result in a display more splendid than the grandest oak.

Drawing on metaphors from the oak tree to illustrate these truths, we offer a variety of resources to help churches and ministries achieve this goal.

  • Roots (God's Word): We provide resources to encourage Christians to study and apply the Word of God, both individually and in community, as the foundation to maturing in Christ.
  • Branches (Community): We equip leaders of small groups, believing that authentic community creates the crucible for Christian formation.
  • Leaves (Healing): We train the Church to promote the healing of the spirit, soul, and body, believing that each of us is called to triumph over personal issues and strongholds that inhibit maturity. We are particularly dedicated to healing the impact of all forms of sexual and ritual abuse.
  • Acorns (Writers): We coach writers who are Christian, training them to more effectively impact the kingdom of God through their gifts.
  • Saplings (Parenting): We challenge parents to deliberately disciple their children to maturity, strengthening and equipping the next generation.

About Pat J. Sikora
Pat J. SikoraPat has personally experienced the healing power of God. After a turbulent childhood and rebellious early adulthood, she responded to the invitation of Jesus Christ to follow him in 1976. Over the years, Pat has learned the essential interconnectedness of the Word, community, and personal ministry in healing and maturing. The Lord continues to reveal areas for more obedience, more opportunities to become a “splendid” planting for the display of His glory. She lives and teaches the powerful promises of Isaiah 61.

Pat has been involved in small group ministry for over 30 years and has written two Bible studies. Her most recent book, Why Didn’t You Warn Me? How to Deal with Challenging Group Members, equips small group leaders to better serve their groups as well as their challenging memebers. Her nationally acclaimed book, Small Group Bible Studies: How to Lead Them has been translated into Korean and is coaching a new generation of small group leaders in Korea.

Pat has had over two hundred magazine and e-zine articles published and has written a number of booklets. She is a popular retreat and conference speaker.Sikora Family

A lay counselor since 1978, Pat received training under a variety of ministries. She uses a Biblical approach as she ministers to women, many of whom have been sexually and ritually abused.

Pat has been married to her husband, Bob, since 1979. Their son, Joshua, whom they home schooled through high school, graduated from Biola University with a major in film studies and now heads up his own film production company. In 2006 he married the lovely Alisa. The Sikoras love to travel, especially when they can photograph oak trees—or just about anything else.

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