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Pat J. Sikora

V 1--The Spirit (life essence, breath) of Adonnay the Self-Existent One has a relationship with me, and that Self-Existent One has consecrated me (with oil)
1) to announce glad news to those who have been afflicted and are depressed,
2) to wrap firmly (and thus medicating and healing) the heart that is broken or crushed,
3) to call out by name freedom and spontaneity to each one who has been taken away from herself, and
4) the opening of the dungeon for those who are bound (by an oath or in servitude),

V2-- To announce and call forth the year of Jubilee of Yahweh (my kinsman redeemer), and the day of the revenge of Elohiym, to comfort all that mourn.

V3-- To give to those who mourn & lament in the place of God, to trade
1) a crown of beauty for the ashes of grief and worthlessness
2) the anointing oil of rejoicing for mourning
3) a garment of praise for a sigh of heavy darkness
so that they might be proclaimed to be strong or mighty oaks of righteousness, a planting of Yahweh to explain (and glorify) Him.

V4-- They shall repair and build up (by obtaining children) the decayed and desolate places that have been concealed by time; they shall cause to be established and restored that which previously had been devastated through stunning and stupefying (actions). They shall cause to be renewed the desolate (destroyed by a knife or sword) cities that have grown numb and stupefied for generations.

V5-- Strangers will be will be ready to serve you in all your needs in feeding your flocks (or managing your assets), and this blessing will extend to your generations.

V6-- (You, on the other hand) will be commissioned and called (as your exclusive business) to minister as priests to Yahweh (just as the Levites were chosen for this high calling): people will recognize that your primary role is to serve God. You will eat the substance that belonged to the heathen and will exchange their honor for yours.

V7-- For your shame (the feeling and the condition, as well as its cause) you will receive a double portion, the rightful inheritance of the firstborn; and (in exchange) for your confusion and humiliation you will celebrate with jubilation your allotment; you will occupy a double portion (to what you lost) in (your land) by driving out the previous tenants; everlasting joy will be yours.

V8-- For (I) Yahweh loves justice, I hate (like an enemy) robbery (or anything taken by violence) and wickedness (that creates a holocaust). In my faithfulness, I will cut an everlasting covenant with them.

V9-- Their descendents shall be recognized among the nations and their children among the people; everyone who sees them will acknowledge that they are a people that the Lord has blessed.

V10-- I greatly rejoice in Yahweh (who has a covenant relationship with me); my soul rejoices in Elohiym; for he has clothed me (as part of a covenant relationship) with garments of deliverance, he has arrayed me (as part of a covenant relationship) in a robe of that enables me to act according to a right pattern of behavior, as a bridegroom adorns himself with the turban of a priest and as a bride adorns herself with jewels and provisions that have been prepared for her.

V11-- For as the earth brings forth the sprout and the garden (causes) that which was sown to grow, so the sovereign LORD (will bring forth) righteousness and praise to spring forth before every nation.

This paraphrase was developed from word studies using a variety of resources, including Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, various commentaries, and online resources including the Blue Letter Bible and study aids. The author has not studied Hebrew and makes no warranty that the paraphrase is completely accurate, but believes it reflects the basic intent of the passage. For a deeper understanding of this passage, especially as related to healing from woundedness, order the CD Beauty for Ashes from